Chrysler Ypsilon 2011-2022 [846]


 INJ/ECM/PCM - Injection (powertrain) control module, engine
ECM NY 471702651715
ECM NY 65cf02201116
Magneti Marelli 9GF ECM NY 6e800270837
Magneti Marelli 9GF ECM NY acf0244837
Magneti Marelli mjd 6F3 ECM NY 662b01641319
Magneti Marelli mjd 6F3 ECM NY c6e401631320
Magneti Marelli mjd 8F3 CF5+ ECM NY 7ea101241112
Magneti-Marelli 5SF8 /SDU CF5/EOBD LPG (EP)17146170
Magneti-Marelli 8F3 CF5/EOBD 1 Diesel (EP 1.3l/2.3l JTD)014800
Magneti-Marelli 8F3 CF5/EOBD Diesel (EP 1.3l/2.3l JTD)4414800
Magneti-Marelli IAW 5SF9 CF5/EOBD (EP 8v)8122170
Magneti-Marelli IAW 8GSF CF5/EOBD (0.9l Twin-Air)24111124
Magneti-Marelli IAW NY 29e801551721
Magneti-Marelli IAW NY 452701772016
Magneti-Marelli IAW NY aa2c01022014
Magneti-Marelli IAW NY d1e001092013
Magneti-Marelli IAW NY e86101052013
Magneti-Marelli MJD NY cc8001691321
 Transmission Control Module
Magneti-Marelli SELESPEED CFC328911950
TCM NY 68df014519
TCM NY 91f1011512


 ABS/ESP Stabilization/Brake System
ABS NY 227f085181
ABS NY 3f31055111
ABS NY 6546069181
ABS NY 694c069181
ABS NY 7dc6087181
ABS NY d1e3087181
Bosch ABS 9 ESP (EP)952110
 Additional Heater Module
AHM CC/DB/FQ/MT/NP/NY/PE 562103100
 Electronic Power Steering
DELPHI (EP) 472600
EPS NY 4b3902704
EPS NY ec2a02304
 Parking Aid Module
PAM NY 60a801429
PAM NY 6fce01300


Bosch (EP)207800
ORC NY 483d058237
ORC NY 5035088038
ORC NY a732060337
 Body Control Module (BSI)
BCM NY 7edd0252323
BCM NY c3390253313
Delphi (EP) 6611283
 Collision Mitigation Module
CMM CL/NP/NY 3658020099
 Heat, Ventilation and A/C
HVAC NY d22704569
Magneti-Marelli Single-Zone (EP)63900
 Instruments panel cluster
Continental (EP)750320
IPC NY 6cbd04940
IPC NY 826f05840
IPC NY 8bde04230
IPC NY d28e05130
 Parking Aid Module
Valeo (EP)192300


 Convergence Telematic Module
CTM CC/DB/FQ/GU/MT/NY/PE 51a502420
 Entertainment Telematic Module
ETM CC/CL/DB/DC/GU/MT/NY 21a4061060

This vehicle has control unit(s) that can be configured using FiCOM. Please note that most modern vehicles have configuration stored centrally in Body computer and configuration is copied to other ECUs using proxi alignment function.

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