Hymer B-Class 2011-2022


 INJ/ECM/PCM - Injection (powertrain) control module, engine
Bosch EDC17C49 CF5/EOBD CAN Diesel (EP 2.0l)4914005
Bosch EDC17CP52 CF5/EOBD CAN Diesel (EP 3.0l)01271015
Magneti-Marelli 8F3 CF5/EOBD 1 Diesel (EP 1.3l/2.3l JTD)014800
Magneti-Marelli 8F3 CF5/EOBD Diesel (EP 1.3l/2.3l JTD)4414800
 Transmission Control Module
Magneti-Marelli SELESPEED CFC3481014750


 ABS/ESP Stabilization/Brake System
Bosch ABS 9 ESP (EP)952110


TRW (EP-Proxy) Ducato74100
 Body Control Module (BSI)
Magneti-Marelli 11 (Ducato/Jumper/Boxer)920012
 Heat, Ventilation and A/C
Denso Single-Zone (EP)124000
 Instruments panel cluster
Magneti-Marelli (EP) 476100


No ECUs in this category.

This vehicle has control unit(s) that can be configured using FiCOM. Please note that most modern vehicles have configuration stored centrally in Body computer and configuration is copied to other ECUs using proxi alignment function.

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